Colonia-Hochhaus, 45th Floor: Top of Cologne GmbH
An der Schanz 2, 50735 Köln

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Date: Wednesday 30.09. - Thursday 01.10.09
Arrival/Tent collection: 21:00
Talk with hosts: 21:30
Dismantling of tents/Departure: 9:00
Number of places available: 20
Facilities: Toilets and washing facilities
Closing time: 0:00
Note: The restaurant service in 'Top of Cologne' will not be available to the campsite. Please bring own provisions.

The Colonia-Haus, built in 1973, is the tallest residential tower in Germany, at 147m. Apart from the 373 flats, it also contains a complete urban mini-infrastructure, ranging from a doctor's practice to a swimming pool with a view of the Rhine. At the top of the building there are rentable event rooms belonging to Top of Cologne GmbH, that provide a sensational view and exclusive ambiance for high-profile events such as reception for ministers and famous professional boxers.