Hansa-Hochhaus, 16th Floor: DJE Kapital AG
Hansaring 97, 50670 Köln

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Date: Sunday 27.09. - Monday 28.09.09
Arrival/Tent collection: 18:00 - 19:00
Talk with hosts: 20:00
Dismantling of tents/Departure: 9:00
Number of places available: 25
Facilities: Toilets and washing facilities
Closing time: 0:00

The Hansa tower was completed in 1925 and was Cologne's first high-rise building. At its date of completion it was the tallest building in Europe, at 65 metres. The 16th floor – currently the highest floor in use – houses the offices of DJE Kaptial AG, an independent wealth and asset manager based in Munich. The employees in the Hansa tower service customers in North Rhine-Westphalia, managing their wealth and consulting them on investment strategies.